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6″ Mini Butt (S1625)


Replacement 6″ Mini Butt for Cannon Cues
All ‘Butt Jointed’ Cannon cues are supplied with a 6” Mini Butt End Extension, we do however offer this item separately so that if it is mislaid a replacement can be purchased. This screw on extension is designed to fit Cannon snooker cues from the current range which feature a ‘Butt End Joint’ (a female joint in the end of the butt). Although only 6” in length when used with the rest most shots can be reached with this extension. This extension is fitted by screwing the male joint on the extension directly into the female ‘Butt End Joint’ found on some Cannon cues.


Length 6″ (15cm) -plus 1″ (2.5cm) for the protruding male joint
Extended Length Does not extend
Joint Male ‘Cannon’ joint
Fitting Screws directly into the end of the cue butt
Material Hardwood
Suited for cues: Any current Cannon snooker cues fitted with a ‘Butt End Joint’ ie. cue reference numbers: 0246, 0247, 0248, 0266, 0267, 0268, 0269

All sizes are nominal.

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